The double glazing is the result of the union using a space (space) of two single parallel windows. Thus, based on the thickness of the spacer (space), a gap is created between the two windows. The thickness of the spacer (space) can be 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, .... The spacer (space) as usual is made of aluminum, its cross section is square and its interior is filled with silicates for moisture absorption.

The whole construction of the two windows and the spacer (space) is glued with a special hot glue (butyl kommerling).

In addition to the use of single simple windows, various combinations can be used. Here are some examples of combinations.

Single Simple / space / Single Energy
Single Simple / space / Triplex
Energy / space / Triplex

The double glazing with their appearance significantly increased the thermal and sound insulation of the frames. Especially by choosing a larger spacer (space), we improve both the thermal and sound insulation behavior of the double glazing, as long as we know that there are limitations from the frames of the frames to the total thickness of a double glazing.


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